The Ministers Council

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Best Practices


Recommended Procedures

Position Descriptions

Senior Minister Job Description

Associate Minister Job Description

Christian Educator Job Description

Essay: The Servant Leader/Minister


A Guide for Determining a Pastor's Salary

Calling a Part-Time Pastor

Mimimum Salary Comparison

Minister-Church Agreement

Pastoral Evaluations

Pastoral Review Form

Pastoral Responsibilities Questionnaire

Peer-Evaluation Form

Self-Evaluation Form


Planning a Sabbatical Study Leave

Sabbatical Funding Resources

Sabbatical Study Leave Policy


Ethics for Retiring Pastors and Those Replacing Them


Checklists for the Process

Dealing with Potentially Divisive Issues

Conflict Mediation

    • Exit Interview Example 1

    • Exit Interview Example 2

    • Exit Interview Example 3

Suggested Separation Agreement

Essay: Healing the Body of Christ

Misconduct Process

Customizing the Process for Your Region

Implementing Guidelines for the Department of Ministry

Implementing Guidelines for Those Making Allegations

Implementing Guidelines for the Region Staff

Guidelines for the Minister in Question

An Ecclesiastical Process for Review of Ministerial Standing

Pastoral Relations Committee

In 2000, the Ministers Council in collaboration with the Ministerial Leadership Commission, regional staff, pastors, and churches, developed the video, "A Productive Partnership: The Pastoral Relations Committee."

"A Productive Partnership" PowerPoint slides

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