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Clergy Competence

The Professional Ministries Team that is convened by the Office of the General Secretary have developed resources for clergy health and maintenance. Click the links to view The Great Resignation Impacts the ABC and Red Flags of Emotional Exhaustion.

What makes clergy effective in their role? What competencies are critical to clergy effectiveness? These are questions which the Ministers Council and other entities in the ABC Family are attempting to address. When the question is posed, so many potential competencies are cited. The Professional Ministries Team of leaders across ABC, USA are endeavoring to respond to these questions of competencies in qualitative and quantitative ways. Specifically, an approach that we will use over the next several months is as follows:

In addition, information on clergy competencies that have been cited by other traditions or in research are being gathered. A sample of those materials is as follows:

Job Analysis Generalizability Study for the Position of United Methodist Local Pastor: Focus Group Results

Competency List from the Midwest Ministry Development Service

Competency List from the Disciples of Christ

Clergy Effectiveness: National Survey Results Summary (United Methodist Church)

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