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Monthly Connections for Best PracticesFebruary 14, 2019,
"Monthly Connections for Best Practices"

Run Time 51:57
Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.January10, 2019,
"Building the Beloved Community"

Run Time 53:20
Rev. Dr. Delois Brown-DanielsDecember 13, 2018,
"When Life Doesn't Seem Worth Living"

Run Time 53:45

Webinar Handouts
PDF File (10 pages)
Dr. William ShiellNovember 8, 2018,
"Preaching That Awakens: The Calling of the Church"

Run Time 44:20
Together in MinistrySeptember 20, 2018, "Together in Ministry Groups: Past, Present, and Future"
Run Time 47:23
(For background, you may wish to review the "Together in Ministry" video from 2013. It is immediately below.)
2013, "Together in Ministry"
Run Time 07:31
2000, "A Productive Partnership: The Pastoral Relations Committee"

"A Productive Partnership" PowerPoint slides

Ministries Team Videos

October 25, 2018, "Ministries Team Meeting I, 11:00am"
Ministries Team Video, Run Time 25:48
October 25, 2018, "Ministries Team Meeting II, 7:00pm"
Ministries Team Video, Run Time 1:01:12