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A New Kind of Preacher.
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Joe Kutter

I had always admired Joe Kutter, even before I met him. I knew so many others who greatly valued his character, his leadership and his witness. Joe lived up to this high regard both from a distance and up close in a working relationship. I had the privilege of working with him as a colleague in the Ministers Council and will always treasure those experiences. I know he enhanced the lives of countless souls who found in him an integrity and hope they could trust. Thanks be to God for Joe Kutter.

Submitted by Holly V. Bean on September 7, 2020

Richard Harris

Over the years when I tell a colleague in ministry that Rick is my brother, they start telling me a story of how helpful he has been to them. Rick has been and is a guide, friend, mentor and encourager to countless American Baptist clergy. From being a supervising pastor for seminarians to assisting ministers searching for new positions he cares for all of us.

Long before others were supporting women in pastoral ministry he was advocating for and helping women in their desire to follow their call from God. While starving as a full time pastor he also served as the Executive Director of a Baptist Educational Society that supported students in seminary. He also served many years on the Endorsement Committee for Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors. The Nehemiah Project gave him chances to mentor younger clergy. Thank you Rick for being you!

Submitted by Douglas Harris on October 31,2020


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