Staff Relations Video

In 2000, the Ministers Council in collaboration with the Ministerial Leadership Commission,  regional staff, pastors and churches, developed the video, A Productive Partnership. This video was designed to help churches understand the role and work of the Pastoral Relations Committee. Specifically, the video can help your church become more effective by showing your Pastoral Relations Committee how to:

  • Advocate for both the congregation and the pastor (or ministerial staff)
  • Encourage open communications about the church’s and the pastor’s goals
  • Address issues before they become problems
  • Create opportunities to show the church cares for the pastor
  • Help the church be sensitive to the pastor.

The original video was distributed via VHS tape, but now, compliments of the Ministers Council, you can access this resource available online. The Ministers Council exists to equip ministerial leaders to be more effective in their leadership. Use the following links to access the chapters of the video A Productive Partnership.

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Interpreting the Ministry, Facilitating Communications, Qualities of the PRC

Part 3 – Advocating for the Minister and the Ministry

Part 4 – Encouraging Pastoral Development from a Pastor’s Perspective

Part 5 – Meeting Regularly and Resolving Conflict

Part 6 – Celebrating Change and Conclusion

In addition, you may access the Productive Partnership presentation to assist you in your training needs by clicking here.


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