Our Present

The Ministers Council ministers among the leaders who minister to us by fostering Collegiality, Centeredness and Competence


The Ministers Council provides opportunities for ministerial leaders to come together to combat the issue of clergy isolation and burnout by:

  • Providing support for clergy peer groups,
  • Sponsoring retreats and gathering,
  • Supporting regionally based Minister Council chapters in their efforts to conduct programming at the local level.


The Ministers Council emphasizes spiritual enrichment and renewal by:

  • Sponsoring prayer gatherings,
  • Resourcing members with information on spiritual practices, Sabbatical Planning, and finding a Spiritual Director,
  • Providing and partnering with others who offer retreat opportunities for respite.


The Ministers Council helps ministerial leaders become more effective practitioners of the arts, skills and gifts of professional ministry and leadership by:

  • Offering programs and events on leadership effectiveness and trends in ministry,
  • Sponsoring continuing education programs,
  • Establishing and maintaining professional and ethnical standards of Christian ministry.
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