The Pastors Roundtable

The Ministers Council has partnered with the Pastors Roundtable, which will allow you to leverage the rich resources of the Pastors Roundtable free of charge (a $995 yearly subscription saving).

The Pastors Roundtable program was modeled after some of the most prestigious CEO roundtable experiences in the country. Some CEOs and Senior Executives pay thousands of dollars for a monthly facilitated experience through which they can fellowship and share with other executives in order to gain ideas and insights for their leadership challenges. Clergy certainly do not have such monetary means, but we recognize the need to come together for the same kind of benefits.

Thus the Pastors Roundtable provides resources, instruction, and support for self-facilitated Peer Learning Groups. The materials for that topic can be downloaded and distributed to every group member. Your group will have access to videos, discussions questions, readings, and supplementary materials that will resource and strengthen your ministry. The Pastors Roundtable is an organization that was established to challenge, train and equip pastors toward maximum effectiveness for the long term and for God's glory.

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