Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors


We are women and men who form a partnership of endorsees. We serve many different specialized ministries across the nation and globe. We are a diverse group and have a wide variety of competencies and specializations in ministry. We support our chaplain and pastoral colleagues with comradery, collaboration in ministry, consultation and prayer. We provide the same spiritual support to our ABC-USA colleagues and congregations. Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors can, by the very nature of their specialized ministry potentially find themselves disconnected from traditional ABC-USA congregations, resources and colleagues. We believe this should not happen to ministers whose ministry is so central to the mission of the ABC-USA. Membership in the CPC chapter of the Minister’s Council can remedy much of this isolation and facilitate a sense of welcome, feelings of connection and access to support whenever it’s needed.

We are part of the ABC-USA family, including American Baptist Home Mission Society where the endorsement office is housed, and the National Minister’s Council, where we connect with our clergy colleagues across the nation.

We invite you to connect with us through membership in our chapter here (scroll down the page for Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors membership) or by reaching out to our leadership: (708-692-8275) or

Please list your ministry competencies in our Skills Bank by completing our free survey here. We are nearly 450 strong, and our connection is our most valuable asset as we connect with each other and with our denominational colleagues.


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