Development Council

The purpose of the Development Council is to assist the Ministers Council leadership through fund development, marketing, and advising on budget and investments. The Development Council consults with the Executive Director, President, and Budget Officer; assesses the financial condition of the Ministers Council; and recommends means of fund development and marketing to guarantee a solid fiscal foundation. In addition, the Development Council reviews budget reports from the Budget Officer, reviews the status of invested funds, and recommends policies and actions. The Development Council also contributes to the financial well-being of the Ministers Council and seeks financial support from others as well.

Greg G. Vigne Rev. Greg G. Vigne
Chair, Development Council

Greg is the Pastor of the Whitefield Community Baptist Church in Whitefield, New Hampshire.

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David Hunt Mr. David Hunt
Member, Development Council

Dave has served as CEO of three different business associations: the Columbia River Channel Coalition, the Association of Pacific Ports, and the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition. He served for a decade as a congressional staffer, and then was elected and served 10 years in the Oregon House of Representatives, including service as Speaker of the House. Dave has served 16 years on the ABC-USA General Board.

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Kenneth Marable Mr. Kenneth Marable
Member, Development Council

Kenneth is a Financial Consultant for AXA Advisors. He has spent more than 20 years in the financial services industry. He has broad experience in accounting, auditing, and compliance, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis. Ken received his bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and has achieved Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow designation.

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